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Energy conserving Detection Model for cooperative region Attacks in Wireless detector Networks

S. Gayathri


This study describes energy computation algorithmic rule wireless detector networks. The algorithmic rule is adjustable, we are able to wage counter attacks in against either single black holes or groups of malicious nodes within the detector networks. Routing data table (DRI) is employed to traumatize modification and cross checking and knowledge to spot the cooperative region nodes. AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process): mechanism is employed to mitigate the safety problems concerning cooperative region attacks. TT (Tree topology): that helps in detection and hindrance for cooperative region attacks. Though, this mechanism works for static sensors networks and did not contemplate quality of nodes. 

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S. Gayathri. Energy Conserving Detection Model for Cooperative Region Attacks in Wireless Detector Networks. Journal of Network Security. 2018; 6(3): 18–22p.


Wireless detector Networks, region Attacks victimization Error Computation algorithmic rule, Security, Routing, AODV.

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