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Arduino-Based Embedded-Software for Offline and Web-Based Attendance System

Alimi Olasunkanmi Maruf, Afariogun AbdulKabir Eniola, Saheed Yakubu Kayode


Embedded software originally controlled hardware but algorithm and software developed determine mode of control and action expected of the hardware. Arduino hardware microcontroller board called Arduino UNO is one of the best electronics boards with coding these days while many attendance systems developed today are mostly one-way. Many developing and underdeveloped countries cannot guaranty 24/7 electricity and strong network connection or data for fully online attendance system. Based on this assertion, enhanced system was developed using Arduino UNO R3, RFID Reader, and Ethernet Shield for web-based or online version while Data Logger was used for Local or manual version and RFID cards for individual’s identity. Optimized one was designed, developed and software was embedded using Arduino codes to control the machine. The machine was able to store student attendance on SD-card for manual while it was able to store in database online for web-based type. These two types give opportunity to individual assessor or lecturer to store on SD card and have access with ease while web-based gives room for online access while on transit.


Algorithm, Arduino, Data logger, Embedded-software, Ethernet shield.

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