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Modernized Art for a Smarter Environment

V. Subashini


Gesture recognition is a technology that uses the mathematical algorithms to identify human gestures. Gesture recognition recognizes the hand, tracks its movements, and provides information about hand position, orientation, and finger flux. This research work describes a sophisticated and user-friendly Human Computer Interaction (HCI) technology that employs the Raspberry Pi to easily translate user intentions into corresponding commands and output. The proposed system overcomes the disadvantages present in the existing systems such as hardware complexity, dependence on external object and limitation in recognition of the movements. It is a gestural interface that connects the physical world to digital information around us and employs an Open CV-based gesture and colour recognition algorithm. This recognizes the hand, tracks its movements, and provides information about it. Color markers are applied to the user’s fingertips. This assists the camera in identifying the hand movement. The signals generated from hand movements are fed into ARM for processing using Python C coding. The processed signals are fed into the monitor to be displayed. Techniques used for processing are Video processing technology, Background Removal, Segmentation, Erosion, and Dilation. By tracking the user’s fingertip movements, the drawing application allows the user to draw on any surface. The pictures that the user draws can be displayed on any other surface. The proposed system overcomes the disadvantages present in the existing systems.


Gesture recognition, mathematical algorithms, Open CV, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), hardware complexity

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