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A Heart Rate Monitoring System Based on the Internet of Things Using Wi-Fi Module ESP8266

Hemant Goutam, Abhishek Sharma, Khushi Dusad, Laveena Chetwani, Prateek Khandelwal


Many heart patients lose their life because of the expensive health care monitoring system. Heartbeats of heart patients can suddenly increase or decrease and at that moment if they are not under proper supervision of doctors, they can even lose their lives. For this, a heartrate monitoring system should be used to monitor the pulse rate of patient from anywhere using internet. With the advancements in the field of Medical Electronics and wireless communication, the charges for health care have reduced considerably. Heartbeat Monitoring System is based on Internet of Things and uses wi-fi module ESP8266 and heartbeat sensor as discussed in this review paper. After the experiment the result comes out that the approximate pulse rate of children below 15 is between 69–110 beats per minute(bpm) and for persons of age group between 15 to 65 is under 65–105 bpm and for the people above age of 60 is between 60–120 bpm. This research paper has an approach that is reliable and flexible. The system used for heartbeat rate monitoring and control is confidential. Medical practitioners can use technology to assist them. Their work was simple to complete.


Heartbeat sensor, Wi-Fi module ESP8266, internet of things (IoT), beats per minute (bpm), Monitoring

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