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Network Security Attacks & Techniques to Make a Network Communication Secure

Yashwant Kumar Choudhary, Anil Kumar


A network simply connects one node or user to another node or user. The network mainly includes establishing interconnections of two or more systems. The main aim of a network is to provide communication between that interconnected systems. But Network security plays an important role in any networking technology. A network security scheme or policy is the thing that is considered very first while network operating, network building, and network designing. In this era, Network security is most important to each individual who uses any computer for the transmission of some information. And still, network security is most important to have for a military, private organization, government, commercial web applications to transmit any confidential information. While the internet structure allowed for many security threats, network security became a major concern. Many organizations and businesses use encryption and firewall methods to protect themselves from an internet attack. And there are required different security mechanisms in order to protect different networking infrastructures. In this paper, we are trying to study the most different kinds of security mechanisms that can be applied according to the need and architecture of the network, along with the different kinds of attacks.


Network Security, Network attacks, Network Security Goals, Defensive Mechanisms, Network security challenges, Hackers, Security Attacks.

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