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A Review Paper on Cyber Security with Data Security in Cloud Computing

Gopal Krishn Tholambia, Neeraj Bhardwaj


In cloud computing, security is a core concern because an organization or users trust for their critical information on cloud which is geographically dispersed and not under control of that user. Therefore security procedures and design of security architecture must be specific for cloud environment different to conventional technical system. Data security very important part of our life and it became a broad issue for information technology. In the cloud computing network environment, security more serious for the user’s information is available in various locations and worldwide. Data security protection is main concerns of the user about cloud technology. Although many cloud computing strategies have been investigated in both industry, academia and data protection privacy protection have been central to the development of cloud computing technologies in government, industry and business. In cloud Architecture, Data security and privacy protection are useful both Hardware and software. This study of reviews paper to have different strategies and challenges from both software and Hardware aspects of data protection in the cloud and aims to improve data security and environmental protection in a trusted cloud environment. In this paper, we perform a comparable empirical comparative study of existing research on data security and privacy protection techniques used in computer in the cloud. In this paper I discuss about general data security issues and brief about cloud computing.


Cloud computing, data security, Information technology, hardware and software, environmental protection.

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