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DoS Attacks and Detection Schemes in Wireless Mesh Networks

Amnah Abdulrhman AlAyidi, Randa Ahmed Jebeur


The attacks of DoS are a group of collaborative attacks made by attackers to threat internet security. A compromised system was used by the attacker has been used prohibit the user to access the resources. The attacker uses compromised systems to prevent users from having access to the server resources. In this survey, we will find defense mechanisms against DoS attacks that may have importance through the internet. The appliances are classified into focal groups of network application film. There were four classes defined of the source destination mechanisms. The network layer can be classified in to four classes: source, network, destination, and hybrid mechanisms; and application layer in to two classes of destination and hybrid mechanisms. A lot of the new challenges and the development has been analyzed in field of networking along with that it offers a scientist's suggestion of the among the mentioned-mechanisms


DoS, tag anonymity, wireless mesh network, attack

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