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The Evolution of Cloud Computing

Babita Bhagat, Shrutika Khobragade, Archana Arudkar


This study comprehensively covers cloud computing; the diverse help models, its development, how could it be significant against the background of the arising Indian market and how might this innovation be tapped with the goal that its latent capacity is utilized to limit with regards to mechanical development in the country. Distributed computing as an idea has been around for a long while; however, the new years have seen it being used in different backgrounds considering the different benefits it has. India is bit by bit turning into the trailblazer being used and proliferation of cloud innovation. This research work targets laying out the essence of this innovation, the key qualities and to search for territories of progress where the innovation can be utilized and can be improved later on.


Cloud computing, history, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, evolution, future in India

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