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Energy efficiency improvement in LEACH protocol for wireless sensor network

Safiullah Noori, Nirav Raja


The biggest reason for reduction of energy in the wireless sensor network is the communication. Nearly 70% of sensor node energy is used in the transmission of data. Efficient usage of energy in sensor node is a desirable method to improve the life time of WSN. In order to improve the lifetime of the network energy efficient routing protocols should be designed. In this paper I will discuss about(LEACH) which is the first and most popular energy-efficient hierarchical clustering algorithm for WSN and the improvement over the VLeach which has tried to remove the shortcoming of V-LEACH by increasing the network lifetime. In this method, initially the Vice Cluster Head is elected along with the cluster heads based on the energy and the distance parameters. The decision of the Cluster head and Vice Cluster head is taken on the basis of Distance and Remaining Energy of the sensor nodes. This algorithm provides better network lifetime, efficiency and throughput than standard leach.

Keywords: DVLEACH, LEACH, VLEACH, wireless sensor network, cluster

Cite this Article: Safiullah Noori, Nirav Raja.Energy Efficiency Improvement in LEACH Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network. Journal of Network Security. 2020; 8(2): 16–23p.


routing protocol,LEACH, WSN, network

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