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Digital Data Sharing Using Blockchain

S. Monisha, V. Pavithra, R. Priyanya, N. Pooranam



In recent times data security has become a very big threat and also making our personal data hundred percent secure has become a challenging job. In addition to the above issues the maintenance of these data cost much more, and the user is unaware of his data usage by the third parties. So in creating a network in which the user identity is securely shared where the complete ownership is provided to the user who will have full access to the information that they have provided to the third party. This network can be implemented by using blockchain technology which provides distributed ledger that leads to data immutability and avoidance of central ownership. So by using this technology the data is more secure than before and the user has full knowledge about his own data.


Keywords: Blockchain, database, ethernet

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S. Monisha, V. Pavithra, R. Priyanya, N. Pooranam. Digital Data Sharing Using Blockchain. Journal of Network Security. 2019; 7(2): 11–14p.


Blockchain, database, ethernet

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