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A Review on AODV Protocol and Various Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Saurabh Garg, Krishna Kumar Joshi


Abstract—Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) allow for wireless devices to form a network without the need for central infrastructure. While the lack of need for infrastructure allows the network to be very flexible, it also makes routing a critical concern in the network. The member nodes are themselves responsible for the creation, operation and maintenance of the network using single hop or multi hop communication. Worm hole attack is one of major attack condition of wireless network because of this network perform degrade slowly, find out tunnel of this attack is difficult because in wireless scenario identify second node of tunnel is tough. If wormhole attack is in passive condition than this tunnel node full fill node behavior like receive data forward data so trust calculation is going to be tough to overcome this problem. MANET running as a stand-on my own network or with one or a numerous factor of attachment to mobile networks or the Internet covers the way for numerous new and interesting applications. Regardless of the appealing packages, the capabilities of MANET introduce several demanding conditions that ought to be studied cautiously in advance than a vast commercial enterprise deployment can be anticipated.

Keywords—MANET, Attacks, Security, Routing Protocol, AODV, Black Hole Attack.

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