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Entropy of Network Analysis and Cluster Detection Using Markov Theory

N Siranjeevi, P. Priya, S. Thangavelu


Networks square measure an important part of nature and society; nonetheless several aspects of networks operate square measure still mostly unknown. from understanding the networks play a task; however even a small number of the foremost basic questions about networks will be troublesome to answer. Nevertheless, square measure two networks alike or different? However, do networks within networks type and the way will clusters be detected? As networks have amendment with time, nevertheless will we have a tendency to monitor those changes? The answers to those queries square measure vitally necessary to humans’ understanding of the planet. Higher understanding of networks permits for things like a lot of economical electrical distribution grids and a lot of reliable period of time network intrusion detection systems. It conjointly permits for a more robust understanding of nevertheless nature type’s networks just like the bonds that form molecules and therefore the networks that carry water from the mountains to the ocean and back once more.

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Siranjeevi N, Priya P, Thangavelu S. Entropy of Network Analysis and Cluster Detection Using Markov Theory. Journal of Network Security. 2018; 6(3): 1–4p


Markov matrix, entropy network

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