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High Throughput RISC Processor Design Using Vedic Mathematics: A Review

Dharmendra Singh Thakur, Priyanka Tripathi


The load on general processor is increasing. It is of the utmost importance in the arithmetic unit for fast operations. Multipliers have a significant impact on how well the Arithmetic Unit performs. In this way, analysts are constantly looking for new methodologies and equipment to execute number juggling activity in tremendous proficient manner in the terms of speed and region. Vedic Science is the old arrangement of math which has an alternate strategy of computations in view of all out 16 Sutras. The proposed work discusses the Urdhva Triyakbhyam Vedic methodology for growth, in which utilizes unexpected way in comparison to real course of duplication itself. It permits equal age of components of items, additionally takes out undesired duplication ventures with zeros and planned to more significant level of digits, utilizing Karatsuba strategy with processors, the similarity to different information types. It has been seen that parcel of postponement is expected by the ordinary adders which are expected to have the halfway items so in the work it is additionally advanced the Vedic multiplier type Urdhva Triyakbhyam by supplanting the conventional Carry Save Adder with Convey save Viper to have more Defer Streamlining. In comparison to the typical plans, the suggested work demonstrates an improvement in speed. After the proposition conversation of the Vedic multiplier in the study, it is been utilized for the execution of Math unit, utilizing proposed proficient Vedic Multiplier; it is not just helpful for further developing effectiveness of the number-crunching module of RISC Processor, yet additionally it is valuable in the space of computerized signal handling. The RTL section of proposed Math unit is done in VHDL; it is combined and reproduced with Xilinx ISE EDA device. At the last, the proposed Math Unit is approved on a FPGA gadget Vertex-IV.


RISC Processor, FPGA, arithmetic and logic unit (ALU), digital signal processors (DSP). Carry Save Adder (CSA), Vedic multiplier

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