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Audio Signal and Video Signal Plotted with respect to Each Other on a Graph Paper Using X-Y Plotter and Further Audio Signal Listen at Tape Recorder and Video Signal Display at Color TV Monitor

Ganesh Adhikari, Anil Kumar Yadav


The study presents a concept of designing a Plotter circuit that becomes capable to plot two signals (Audio signal as well as Video signal) with respect to each other at a time on the single graph paper. Here, two signals are: one is the audio signal from singer (Mr. Udit Narayan) song (Papa kehte hey) and another Video signal of CAR shape created using C-programming at computer Graphics, these two signals are plotted with respect to each other on a single graph paper at the same time using the concept of X-Y Plotter; and further system is designed such that there becomes provision to Listen Audio signal at Tape Recorder and provision to display Video signal at color TV monitor. The basic concept behind this design process includes creating Audio signal at input and also creating Video signal of CAR shape at Computer Graphics. The Audio signal as well as Video signal so created at input are further plotted with respect to each other on a single graph paper using the concept of X-Y Plotter and further facilitate with provision to listen audio signal at Tape Recorder and Display video signal at color TV. The basic purposes and assumptions regarding the design and development of this system as well as a description of its operation have been presented.


Audio signal, Video signal of CAR shape, X-Y Plotter, tape recorder, C-programming for creating CAR Shape, color TV

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