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Smart Cardiazmo Implemented Using Internet of Things

Prateek Srivastava, Krishna Kumar Mishra, Tanmay Dubey


In this research, we present a system that uses sensors to identify a person's heart rate utilizing heartbeat sensing even if they are at home. The idea is to detect a heart attack early enough that the patient can receive medical help within the first few hours. As a result, his or her chances of survival are considerably increased. Here we use the AD8232 sensor for the cardiography of the heart to check the ECG and upload the data to the IOT platform Ubidots and IFTTT, so that the doctor can check it on the real time basis and suggest the precautions if any needed. From a technical standpoint, the Internet of Things (IoT) is fast gaining traction in a variety of fields, particularly personalized healthcare. Meanwhile, the IoT framework's body are a sensor network (BASN) has been widely used for ubiquitous health monitoring, for example. Monitoring of the ECG This project's major goal is to provide real-time personal health monitoring. In order to offer real-time health monitoring, it uses the BASN (body as a sensor network) infrastructure. The heartbeat, body temperature, and pulse sensors are among the sensors that have been embedded. Second, the bulk of present health monitoring systems require a smartphone for data processing, display, and transmission, which will have an influence on the smartphone's routine everyday use. The data collected by BASN is streamed directly to the cloud of the Smart Cardiazmo watch, but a lightweight wearable LCD can be incorporated as an alternative solution for quick display of real-time data.


IOT, ECG electrode, Raspberry pi, chip , Raspberry pi, ECG Module , ECG Electrodes, Power Supply, Connecting Wires, Arduino Uno Board, Node MCU, Bluetooth module, Pulse sensor, Jumper wire, Breadboard

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