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Predicting Software and Hardware Reliability of Embedded Systems

Sapna Juneja


In daily existence, unwavering quality of programming frameworks is pretty much as significant as the use of programming frameworks since, in such a case that the product won't be dependable, it will get come up short whenever, abandoning catastrophes. Aside from this, assuming the product framework is an Embedded System, the unwavering quality of that inserted programming framework will be significant just as essential in light of the fact that the utilization of embedded structure is immense going from life supporting structures to flight control system, and if the unwavering quality of these frameworks has not been considered as expected it can prompt danger of lives. Subsequently, in this paper, we will examine about different part based reliabilities of inserted frameworks, their designs and their utilization as indicated by the class of the product.


Embedded system, probability, parameters, real time system, reliability

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