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Empirical Method of Designing a Coaxial Line

Bhargavi *, Zohaib Hasan



This paper is meant to give a concise and correct method to design a coaxial cable using standard design formula. Simulation is done using empirical methods designing of coaxial transmission line. The coax is designed with a cut-off frequency of 1 GHz in TEM mode. The characteristic impedance of the coax is 50Ω. The aim here is to help the reader design a correct coaxial cable at the port of an antenna. Design formula for calculation of cut-off frequency, characteristic impedance, inductance and capacitance are revisited and implemented for the analysis and design of a 50Ω coaxial transmission line. Coaxial wire is also compared with other transmission line.


Characteristic impedance, reactive impedance, coax, quasi TEM mode, cut-off frequency.

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