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Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine Using Programmable Logic Controller

K. Prabhu, K. Narmatha, D. Swathi, S. Yasika



During the past few decades, the automation industry has shown a great progress in automatic control of different systems. The manual handling of any system results in less accuracy as compared to automatic control system. This project basically gives an initial theme that how an approach to a cloth cutting can be done using PLC. So, design of automatic cloth cutting machine has been made which gives more accuracy, reduces human error and man power, reliable work is done and saves the wastage of cloth. To reduce the system’s proneness to human error, there is a possibility of adapting an automatic cloth cutting machine. This project can be beneficial to the companies as well as for the garment industry. This project mainly includes design, fabrication and control of cloth cutting machine using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). PLC is an industrial digital computer which has been adapted for the control of manufacturing process such as assembly lines, robotic devices or an activity that requires high reliability control. The advantages of the controller are that they reduce process time, production cost and labor cost. The proposed work is based on PLC based automatic cloth cutting machine. The roller is attached with DC motor of 250 rpm. The clothes are compressed by using DC motor with 500 rpm and chain drive attached with motor is designed for cloth cutting and the whole sequence is controlled by PLC. At present, cloth cutting operation is done manually in garments and textile zones, but it comes with many drawbacks. Manual cutting process takes more consumption in time, inaccurate dimensions and less efficiency. The problems are solved by designing PLC based system in garments and textiles. This aims to reduce difficulties faced during manual cloth cutting.


Keywords: Automatic cloth cutting machine, PLC based system, garments and textile

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K. Prabhu, K. Narmatha, D. Swathi, S. Yasika. Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine Using Programmable Logic Controller. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Embedded System & Applications. 2019; 7(2): 1–3p.

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