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Boosting Gesture Recognition with Software Fault Tolerance

Jigna B. Prajapati


User interface is always a key important issue of any application. Graphic user interface is one of the convenient and conventional ways to use application but the current trades of user interface are very popular with emotional user interface (EUI). Automation, changing technology and shortest path to operate command are certain reasons of popularity of EUI. In any EUI, the gesture recognition is core important part. Faults may occur anywhere anytime. In this research, the fault classification is proposed to improve algorithm and gesture mapping. Firstly, this research focuses on basic gesture recognition and software fault tolerance and its techniques. The issues of gesture recognition are discussed. Further, in this research the SFT diversy approach is proposed with basic gesture recognition model for fault free environment. Diversy model appended with gesture recognition will manage the faults at specific stage only. It focuses on gesture and other faults identification before algorithm development. The proposed model will confine faulty input for further fault propagation.


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Prajapati Jigna B. Boosting Gesture Recognition with Software Fault Tolerance. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Embedded System & Applications. 2018; 6(1): 1–5p.


Gesture, Fault, design; diversy; specification;Software Fault tolerance

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