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Accident Detection and Alcohol Detection Using Smart Helmet

Aditya Jadhav, Aditya Vaidya, Yash Thakur, Yash Mhatre, Abhaysingh Bhosale


In an era driven by technology and a growing concern for safety, the concept of the 'Smart Helmet' has emerged as an evolved solution, combining innovation and practicality to redefine head protection and user experiences. Just imagine a helmet that is not just a helmet but a high-technology gadget for your head. The smart helmet is a fusion of technology with a traditional helmet. Helmets are rationally designed to protect the head of the rider; now, these helmets are being transformed into such devices that not only protect the head but also send rider’s location and alert message to the registered mobile numbers in emergency situations like accidents. The Smart Helmet is a concept that illustrates innovation through its integration of sensors, like Accident Detection, Alcohol Detection, Location Tracker, Message Sending, and More. These elements come together to create such a device that enhances the safety and overall quality of Simple Helmet. In this study, we aim to provide an understanding of Smart Helmets, their Key Features, Objectives, and their transformed safety features. We will investigate the influence of IoT technology and the integration of sensors.


Accelerometer, microcontroller, alcohol detection, accident detection, notifications, GPS, GSM

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