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An Independent and Cost-effective IoT-based System for Safe Ride of the Vehicle

B. Devika Reddy, Tharun Kumar M.D., G. Soniya Priyatharsini, S. Geetha


Road accidents are common all over the globe. Road Transportation System (RTS) involves various fields like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, traffic department etc. The various reasons for road accidents will pertain to different above-mentioned fields like poor design and maintenance of roads, rash/negligent driving, poor knowledge of traffic rules, design faults in vehicle and running poorly maintained vehicles. Right from the inception of RTS, various technological improvements in mentioned fields tried to mitigate the accidents. The technological advancements in computer science engineering have revolutionized the RTS. Much research is being carried around the globe in mitigating the accidents. In this study we proposed a new cost-effective IoT-based system for safe ride of the vehicle.


Road accidents, path-hole, speed breaker, transportation system, internet of things

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