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Design and Implementation of an Improved Cryptographic Algorithm using UNICODE and Universal Colors

Hemant Suryavanshi, Pratosh Bansal



A new cryptography algorithm based on Unicode and Universal colors is proposed to preserve the confidentiality of the data. The use of Unicode as encoding scheme provides support to a very large range of characters. The colors are used to obtain a large key domain to avoid cryptanalyst attacks like brute-force and dictionary attacks. The concept is based on the symmetric key cryptography that supports the use of a single shared key between the sender and receiver for encryption and decryption. The algorithm is an approach that uses the simple concepts of substitution and transposition. The algorithm is devised using operations that are directly supported by the processor to limit the processing time taken by the algorithm to perform the required task. The security of the algorithm is analyzed and the experimental results obtained approve the effectiveness and usability of the algorithm. 

Keywords: Unicode, ARGB, confusion, diffusion, ASCII

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