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AODV Routing Protocol for Congestion Control Based on Packet Priority

Dinesh Kumar N


There is a requirement for permitting customer prioritization, in wireless multimedia streaming; so, arrangement of end client can be empowered with a good quality in-coordinate association with other client devices consequence. As of now, a similar priority is given to all clients, autonomous of their attributes, regularly bringing about unfair dispersion of throughput. This paper proposes a need based plan for QoS in MANET by classifying the activity stream into various priority classes, and giving distinctive treatment to stream having a high priority flow and still accomplish most ideal throughput.The aim is to lessen the impact of dependence between routes utilized by high and low priority movement. The shortest path will be chosen by AODV protocol for high priority traffic and divert the route for low priority traffic that will minimally interface with high priority flow, thus decreasing the impact of coupling amongst high and low priority routes.


Keywords: AODV, MANET, multimedia, priority, QoS, throughput

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