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Pandemic as Opportunity: Innovation and Growth in Certain Times

Vikram Kumawat, Ashesh Sharma, Garvit Parakh


The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound consequences on the social, economic and cultural life at the global level. Every sector is affected due to this pandemic situation, in whole world.All companies and institutions have temporarily closed and the economy has become unstable. Schools and colleges also closed temporarily, so studies are also affected. This analysis study concludes that how can we convert this pandemic into an opportunity.The whole world is searching for the solution of this situation; much of the research on creativity and innovation stresses the need for time and effort for creative thought, accomplishments, and innovation implementation.The outbreak of the new Corona virus is demanding a consolidation of both these assumptions. At the same time, new approaches to technological change are also needed, which will have to be developed in a very short time, because there is very little time left. Whatever decisions will be taken in the coming year, they will either bring long lasting value in our life or, in the coming decade which will lead us to walk certain paths. Regarding the techniques which the society previously thought, it needs to be reviewed more before including them in life, such technologies will now rapidly move towards being part of our lives, such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of health. The hope is that such technologies will be developed rapidly and made part of our lives.Meanwhile, consumer-related technologies are setting new records of rapid progress, such as video conferencing or financial technology platforms. They will have to undergo more rigorous testing by consumers and governmentsbecause they will be used on the basis of utility


Disruptive and beneficial technologies, agri-food, climate change, innovation, sustainability, effect on economy

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