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Attendance System Using Smartphone Authentication and Bluetooth Beacons

Abhishek Kumar, Ravi Shankar Pandey



Most of the institute in India takes attendance to track the progress of students and most of them update attendance manually which is just a waste of time. Some of the methods like Biometric, RFID can be implemented but it takes a lot more time and also has a chance of spreading the deadly virus like Sars-Cov-2 [1]. This paper is aimed at updating attendance of students using the student’s smartphone itself, which remove the chances of spreading virus and also saves time because the whole classroom can update their attendance within 10 to 15 Sec. This system will work based on Bluetooth Beacons which is used in indoor positioning system and we can use this to know if a student is in the classroom, this system will also use the Face Detection on Eye blink to avoid proxy attendance by using the student smartphone’s front camera(now a day’s front camera is more common in most of the smartphones) and the last one is the flag variable which will be true if faculty will be in classroom otherwise it will false for the rest time. Flag variable is used to just ensure that faculty is in the classroom because there may be cases when teacher is not available in a classroom at class timing.



Bluetooth Beacons, Indoor positioning System, Eye Blink, Face Detection, Sars-Cov-2, Wireless communication, Mobile Application

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