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Wireless Sensor Network: Qualitative Analysis of Diverse BlackHole Detection Plans

Upekha Khunteta, Sunita Gupta



Wireless sensor network is a mesh of sensor nodes deployed over an area of interest. In wireless sensor network safety plays a critical role. It is also a key concern area imparting an effective challenge to the researchers across the world to find a powerful answer in terms of a protection mechanism closer to the problem. The paper offers the qualitative analysis of various WSN security challenges against a well-known attack better known as black hole attack and their proposed counter mechanisms advised by various researchers world over. The WSN overall performance evaluation is carried out using some of the critical parameters related to the attacks including associated energy. After the analysis, the results have been found to support the fact that the black hole assaults are most difficult to come across in contrast to others despite many techniques used so far.

Keywords: Assaults, blackhole attack, data, malicious node, network security, packet, WSN

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Upekha Khunteta, Sunita Gupta. Wireless Sensor Network: Qualitative Analysis of Diverse BlackHole Detection Plans. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2019; 9(3): 16–22p.

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