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A quad band PIFA for 4G / 5G wireless communication applications

Amrit Kaur, Bikrampal Kaur, Ruchi Pasricha, Anjali .



A compact PIFA for wireless RF (Radio Frequency) devices is presented. The proposed antenna covers GPS L1, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, UMTS 2100, LTE 1700/2100 MHz, LTE 2300, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, RFID, IEEE 802.16e mobile WiMAX, UNII and C-band frequency bands useful for both 4G and 5G wireless communication applications. The simulation results for return loss, VSWR, two-dimensional radiation patterns and current distribution are demonstrated. The parametric analysis of feed position in the top patch is also shown and its effects on S11 are examined. The fabricated PIFA results are measured using VNA. The obtained return loss values are less than -10 dB and VSWR values are less than 2.

Keywords: PIFA, return loss, 4G, 5G

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Amrit Kaur, Bikrampal Kaur, Ruchi Pasricha, Anjali. A Quad-Band PIFA for 4G/5G Wireless Communication Applications. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2019; 9(2): 7–15p.


PIFA; return loss; 4G; 5G

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