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IoT and XBee Based Smart Traffic Management System

Riya Goyal, Amisha Kumari, Kumar Shubham, Nishant Kumar


10 min hunting down for car parking a few times, day by day implies over 240 h for each year, and a normal of 700 finish days in your life. Driving around searching for an available parking slot squanders fuel, produces uneasiness and increases pollution in city centers. The principle objective of this venture is to make traffic more fluid and increase at parking spots close to the crowded areas such as shopping malls, hospitals, movie theaters etc. In order to deal with the scenario of traffic congestion, a system is designed that gathers parking spot availability data while driving by. This data is available on smart phones or on the display screen of the parking lot. The outcome of this system is to relieve congestion, streamline traffic, and improve access to car park areas.

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Riya Goyal, Amisha Kumari, Kumar Shubham, et al. IoT and XBee Based Smart Traffic Management System. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2018; 8(1): 8–14p.


IOT, XBee, traffic management, GPS

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