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Amelioration of Parameters of Antenna using Metamaterial with Negative µ and ε for WLAN

Bimal Garg, Anupam Das



In this paper, a Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with “Multi Discoidal Rings” shaped metamaterial cover is designed and replicate at a height of 3.276mm from the ground plane. The antenna along with the proposed metamaterial cover is designed to resonate at 3.36 GHz frequency (in S-Band). Proposed metamaterial cover significantly reduces the return loss and increases the bandwidth and efficiency of the antenna in comparison to rectangular microstrip patch antenna alone. The proposed antenna is suitable for application of WLAN requiring 108 MHz bandwidth space and reduced return loss, at 3.36 GHz frequency of about –45.66 dB and its efficiency increases by 51.19% (approx 34.88%).The scope of this paper is to design and simulate the proposed artificial structure with simultaneous negative permittivity and permeability or the so-called Left Handed Metamaterial. Nicolson–Ross–Weir approach has been used for verifying the double-negative properties of the proposed metamaterial.


Keywords: rectangular microstrip patch antenna (RMPA), double negative left-handed metamaterial, return loss(LH-MTM), Nicolson–ross–weir (NRW)

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