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Design and Implementation of Real-time Security System in Highly Crowded Zone on Embedded Platform

Abhishek Shukla, Suraj S. Jibhakate




The gist of this paper is to find answer to a very fundamental question: How safe and free are we as individuals? If not, then how the latest technologies can be used to make us safe and free. This question looks very simple but it is one that is attracting the interest of both the normal human beings like us and the technologists who spend their lifetime to make our life easier and safe. Human security could be said to further enlarge the scope for examining the causes and consequences of the existing ways for the same and at the same time how the implementation of technologies can be done to overcome these issues and make human life as secure as possible. The present paper is an attempt to fill the gap between human safety and technologies which discusses as to how the advanced technology like embedded system can be used to make real-time security systems for highly crowded places like shopping malls, cinema halls, etc., and how these two fields need to be more fully integrated in order to enhance security for all.


Keywords: Human Security, Embedded System, Virtual Instrumentation (VI), LabVIEW, Proteus, Data Acquisition System

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