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An Approach towards Seamless Handover with Maximum Resource Utilization in Mobile Wireless Networks

Sudesh Pahal, Brahmjit Singh, Ashok Arora




In mobile wireless networks, a seamless handover between different communication systems has been a challenging issue. A link going down (LGD) event based on L2 layer information has been incorporated by the IEEE 802.21, media independent handover (MIH) framework. Link going down trigger allows accomplishing handover efficiently with the prior intimation of handover and enables L3 entities streamline their handover (HO) related activities. As velocity of user has a significant impact on HO initiation, predefined LGD signal strength threshold is not a good option to trigger an LGD event. To achieve seamless HO and to maximize network resources, it is necessary to make LGD threshold signal strength velocity adaptive in mobile wireless networks. In this paper, we make a comparative study of velocity adaptive handover algorithm and propose an approach to improve HO performance. We show that by triggering an LGD event, based on appropriate LGD threshold, the link failure probability and probability of false handover may be significantly decreased in mobile wireless networks.


Keywords: Mobile wireless network, handover, MIH, 802.21, link going down trigger

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