Networked Embedded Systems Eliminate Safety Hazards in Rail Journey

R. N. Panda, A. Kumar, K. C. Roy, Mrinmoy Sarkar



 Introducing R&D into Rail transport is a good way to make sure that Railway decisions reflect the needs of passengers. Putting in place a foolproof security architecture and best brand components in the design of a safety system can ensure railway commutation in a high security environment. Managing security through proactive monitoring and event management is the key for achieving desired results. Safety and Punctuality — the two watch words of Indian Railways (IR) can be simultaneously achievable. Through technological innovations excellence at both ends are possible. To begin with, the age-old and ineffective alarm chain pulling (ACP) system of MEMU coaches with electromechanical design can very well be replaced by a system of networked microcontroller boards interconnected by the existing electrical wirings. An accurate digital signal processing in an electrically flashy environment, has been planned for execution. The innovations described in this work combine P89C51RD2 microcontroller’s powerful instruction repertoire and other outstanding features like open-ended architecture and communications in RS-485 mode in the networked configuration, backed up by a sound Analog-Digital Engineering. Simplicity in design, use of inexpensive [Neil Geoff. Good Simple and Practical Systems that are used by all-Pilbar Rail Journey to Safety focused culture. Available at] industry standard hardwares and a non-blocking communication in the networked environment either in polling or interrupt mode, and compact assembly level programming can make this product design very cost effective, highly reliable, and MEMU worthy. The detailed design blue prints will describe the design, its implementation to prove how passengers’ safety is unfailingly ensured during an otherwise unsafe and vulnerable journey through electric trains (MEMUs). ACP indication circuitry engineered appropriately and mounted at the rear end of each compartment of a moving carriage will not only provide an audio visual indication on the dashboard of the motorman of the moving train but will also provide much more vital information that can be recalled later.

Keywords: Main line Electrical Multiple Unit (MEMU), alarm chain pulling (ACP), Indian railways (IR), four coach unit of MEMU (rake), noise margin (NM),  comptroller and auditor general of India (CAG), British broadcasting corporation (BBC

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