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Low profile L5 and S band Microstrip antenna for IRNSS Application Using Coxial Feed

Shahidmohammed Salauddin Modasiya, J. M. Rathod, P. M. Panchal, B. J. Makwana


In recent aura, navigation is one the most demanding technology. To increase coverage, gain and bandwidth are more important of any wireless communication systems India has developed  its own navigational system called IRNSS which work one two frequency band one is L5  (1.176 GHz) and second one is S band (2.482-2.502 GHz) In this paper we proposed 2 different antenna  one for L5 band and second for S band  antenna for Navigational Application. Both the antenna has  good amount of gain, more  bandwidth and  directional radiation Patterns which is good for navigational application

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Shahid S. Modasiya, J.M. Rathod, P.M. Panchal et al. Low Profile L5 and S Bands Microstrip Antenna for IRNSS Application using Coaxial Feed. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2018; 8(3): 7–17p.


Microstrip Patch Antenna, IRNSS, Radiation pattern

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