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Denoising of ECG Signal using Savitzky-Golay Filter

Mihir Narayan Mohanty


Noise is character inherent. Any type of signal can be affected by noise at the time of acquisition. Signal noise can be generated from various conditions and it is difficult to avoid. ECG is a graphical structure which represents the functionality of the heart. Good quality of ECG signal will help physicians for better diagnosis. But in real situation ECG recordings are courted by noise and this noise should be removed for better clinical use. In this paper a Savitzky-Golay Filter is designed for denoising of ECG signal. An noisy ECG signal is collected from MIT-BIH Data base and then the noise is removed by using this Savitzky-Golay filter. The filter is providing a good performance result and it is presented in the result section of the paper.


ECG; Noise; Filtering; Savitzky-Golay Filter (SG Filter)

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