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Data Security in Cloud Computing

Kamal Upreti


Cloud computing is one of the rapidly developing technology in the IT industry due to its performance, optimal cost, easy deployment, reduced management and so on. As per consumers point of view, security in cloud computing mainly concerns, data security and data privacy issues. According to IDC (International Data Corporation) survey, security acts as a biggest challenge among the cloud users. The biggest concern about cloud is security which plays a dominant role, because it is essential to ensure that only authorized access is allowed. This paper highlights some data security issues related to cloud computing and discusses its possible solutions to protect data from the beginning to the end over a channel (internet).In the last section, we perform comparative analysis of various solutions for data security issues on the basis of certain parameters: - Integrity, Confidentiality, Availability (CIA rule).


Cloud Computing; Cloud Service Provider (CPS); IDC (International Data Corporation);CIA Rule; ACID Properties

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