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Implementing Property Registration and Land Record Management via Blockchains

Harshit Jain, Rekha Jain


From its origin in the form of Bitcoin, Blockchain is harnessing every possible field eliminating intermediaries and pushing the direct interactions between producer and consumer. People now started realizing the potential of this giant technology, which was initially restricted to cryptocurrencies. Now it has started its expansion into the real-world problem solving from private purposes to public e-governance. Considering its real power, this paper mainly focuses on the implementation of property registration land record management by leveraging strength of Blockchain enabled network, also addresses the problems such as privacy, data integrity and lack of unified platform. As Blockchain is combining its strength with various technologies and systems, it can also be extracted to form an integrated platform for the above purpose, parting all the discrepancies.


Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Data integrity, Bitcoin, Producer and consumer, Land record management.

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