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IoT Based Smart Kitchen Pantry

M. Thangatamilan, R.K. Nandha Kiran, N. Sakthivel, R. Subashini


AbstractIn recent years, food waste has received growing interest from local, national and international organizations, as well as NGOs from various disciplinary fields. As food waste occurs in all stages of the food supply chain, private households have been identified as key actors in food waste generation. The project maps the small but expanding academic territory of consumer food waste by systematically reviewing empirical studies on food waste practices as well as distilling factors that foster and impede the generation of food waste on the household level and provides a better solution to avoid food waste by proper and adequate usage of ingredients. Mapping the determinants of waste generation deepens the understanding of household practices and helps the design of automatic kitchen pantry.

      Most food wastages can be reduced by providing the proper quantity while cooking. Experience and prediction should be done properly to do a particular dish, if not the wastage of food will be high. It is hard to know the perfect amount of ingredients to buy and what to be cooked in the future. Measuring foods and ingredients is an important part of eating healthier. The IoT is an emerging technology, which is implemented in all automation process. This project deals with the automation in the cooking process by measuring and selecting the proper ingredients for a particular dish, thereby reducing the faults made by human in the kitchen and consequently reducing food wastage.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Global Hunger Index (GHI).

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Thangatamilan M, Nandha Kiran RK, Sakthivel N, Subashini R. IoT Based Smart Kitchen Pantry. Current Trends in Information Technology. 2019; 9(2): 20–23p.

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