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Fructifying of Electricity Utilizing Wind Leaf –PV Combination Model

R. Arunkumar, M. Ananth, K. Boopathi, S. Praveen Kumar


AbstractIn recent days renewable energies are used to produce electricity which is available at no cost. In this project wind and solar energy are used to fructify electricity with the assistance of aero leaves and solar panels. Few aero leaves are structured in the form of a tree, for producing high power. This tree uses tiny blades which are inbuilt with the aero leaves to produce electricity from wind energy. These tree-shaped structures are able to fructify power which can operate even in very low wind speed. In this project, we have used mini turbines which are of Savonius type turbine that is a vertical axis turbine and designed to drag the air force from all directions and produce electricity. All necessary connections are made into the tree. Basically, this technique involves the combination of two renewable energy systems which will offer continuous power. Solar panels are used as an alternative source when the wind is not available. Both systems produced energy can be collectively stored into the battery bank. This generated power will be used in household electrical equipment. Generation of electricity takes place at cheap value. This project deals with the generation of electricity in cheap value and made it available in all rural areas.

Keywords— electricity, hybrid, power, solar, wind tree

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Arunkumar R, Ananth M, Boopathi K, Praveen Kumar S. Fructifying of Electricity Utilizing Wind Leaf–PV Combination Model. Current Trends in Information Technology. 2019; 9(2): 14–19p.

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