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Sign to Speech Conversion for Mute Community

S. Prasanth, R. Priyadharshini, A. Palanisamy, N. Subharathna, S. Vinoth Kumar


Abstract –The mute community around the globe has a hard time communicating with the rest of the world’s population. This communication gap is there because a dumb person uses sign language which is not comprehensible by a normal person. In this project, we are using sensors which are incorporated on a glove to detect a gestures and convert into speech with help of Bluetooth module. It will help in producing artificial speech which provides an environment similar to daily communication.

Keywords- Sensors; ARR Voice module; Microcontroller; Speaker; LCD.

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S. Prasanth*, R. Priyadharshini, N. Subharathna, S. Vinoth Kumar, A. Palanisamy. Sign to Speech Conversion for Mute Community. Journal of Computer Technology & Applications. 2019; 10(2): 18–21p.

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