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Digital Promoting in Indian Context

Rahul Mishra, Seema Mishra, Mira Gohil



Digital promoting is rising in an Asian country with a quick pace. Several Indian firms’ area unit has victimization digitals promoting for competitive advantage. Success {of promoting of selling of promoting} campaign can't be only achieved by digital marketing solely. Rather for the fulfillment of any promoting campaign, it ought to absolutely harness the capabilities of varied promoting techniques accessible among each the standard and trendy promoting. Startups that use digital promoting, again and again, got unsuccessful. This study shows precautions to be taken for effective implementation of digital promoting to reap tremendous potential to extend in sales. 

Keywords: Commandments, digital promoting, e-commerce, online retail, social network, start off

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Rahul Mishra, Seema Mishra, Mira Gohil. Digital Promoting in Indian Context. Journal of Computer Technology & Applications. 2019; 10(2): 1–9p.


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