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Design and Performance Assessment of Light Weight Data Security System for Secure Data Transmission in IoT

Abha Jaduna, Satish Kumar Alaria


The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to provide an interface for future technologies’ small processing tools. It is expected to provide more communication data and information security canrisky. Data pinnacles and information security can be a risk. This size of the gadget in this engineering is essentially little,lowpowerutilization. Many rounds of encryption are essentially a misuse of requirements Gadget vitality. Less convoluted calculation, be that as it may, conceivable compromise required uprightness. It is a 64-bit square secret key that requires a 64-bit key to encrypt information. The engineering of the calculation is a blend of feistel and a uniform substitution to supplant the system simulation. The outcomes demonstrate that the calculation gives onlyaconsiderable security five rounds of encryption. The proposed work shows the execution of symmetric key lightweight calculation forgotinformation transmission of pictures and text utilizing picture encryption framework just as reversible information concealing framework. Proposed research has demonstrated faster computation, less complexity and higher PSNR as compared to existing algorithms. In this researchwork we have executed symmetric key cryptography for different configurations of pictures, just as continuous picture procurement framework has been planned as graphical user interface. Reversible data hiding system has also been designed for a secure data transmission system. Data hiding system is also designed for secure data transmission system.



PSNR, Internet of Things, encryption, MSE, password, symmetric key, cloud, image processing

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