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Secured Privacy Framework

Lavanya Bakshi, Harkirat Singh


Online social networks (OSNs) have become mainstream way of sharing media and information among friends, online. With ever increasing number of internet users, and in turn OSN users, there is an increase in risks related to user’s privacy and security. There are three core privacy issues in today’s OSNs, such as not asking for user’s consent, not able to categories data or friends on the basis of certain factors, and lack of easy-to-access one-window privacy settings. We have implemented Stratum, a layered privacy framework containing three privacy layers that aims to address the three core privacy issues and provide a solid foundation for OSNs. Shade is an online social network implemented on top of Stratum for privacy-caring users. The three privacy layers present in Shade, through Stratum, are Consent Layer, Data Categorization Layer, and Friends Categorization Layer. Each layer addresses one of the three core privacy issues.

Keywords: Social network, privacy issues, security issues, privacy analysis, stratum privacy framework, shade social network

Cite this Article: Lavanya Bakshi, Harkirat Singh. Secured Privacy Framework. Journal of Network Security. 2020; 8(1): 32–37p.

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