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Performance Analysis of Flying Ad-Hoc Network Over cloud with Variation of Protocal with Variation of Antenna of Flying Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAVs

Akanksha Pandey, Laxmi Shrivastav


Flying Ad-hoc Networks (FANETs) consist of a collection of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAVs) dynamically forming a temporary network without the use of any existing infrastructure or centralized administration. In this paper the impact of variation of different protocolwith variation antenna of air vehicle over clouds is investigated. For this purpose Qualnet6.1 simulator has been used and the performance of  FANETby varying different protocol and with different antenna has been evaluated. Performance has been compared in term of i.e. average delay, throughput, jitter, & packet delivery ratio. The results are showing various changes due to change in antenna with variation of routing protocols over clouds of air vehicle.

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