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The Significance of an Open and Fair Internet

Bablu Gupta, Hitesh Gupta


This review work investigates the idea of net neutrality, highlighting its importance, arguing for and against it, and examining its effects on society. According to the concept of "net neutrality", all internet traffic should be treated equally without prejudice or favouring any one data or service over another. The study chronicles the development of net neutrality from its early years, when academic research was the main use of the internet, to its current significance in business and communication. The arguments in favour of net neutrality emphasise its importance in defending free expression, fostering innovation, guaranteeing consumer choice, preserving user and privacy rights, and fostering interconnectedness on a global scale. On the other side, opponents contend that net neutrality may discourage investment and innovation, is rigid, constitutes government overreach, and has financial repercussions. Examining net neutrality's effects on society, this study highlights their importance for upholding democratic principles, enabling economic development, providing access to information, and boosting international cooperation. The necessity for regulators to strike a balance between the flexibility demanded by internet service providers and the preservation of an open and accessible internet is emphasised in the study's conclusion. To promote a just and inclusive digital environment, it is important to consider the potential consequences for small firms, entrepreneurs, and customers.


Net neutrality, ISP (Internet Service Providers), Federal Courts Commission (FCC), Open Internet Rules

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