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Drive Cycle Database Method for Performance of Vehicles Depending on Driver Behavior, Vehicle Type and Traffic Condition

Sparsh H. Shah, Vipul R. Salvi, Abhishek D. Shinde, Omkar R. Pandirkar, Sagar S. Khatavkar


Automobile manufacturers are looking for cheap ways to evaluate their products for specific customer needs as more demands are placed on their performance. The drive cycle is a crucial component of the vehicle development process. The driving cycle is used to understand the driving patterns of vehicles which also shows vehicle speed and road conditions by collecting data points along the way. A Global Positioning System (GPS)-based system was used to collect drive cycle data. For analysis of drive cycle data, we designed a powertrain simulation, the results of which can be used for various purposes. The most important output was precise battery consumption data. The simulation was performed on different possible conditions. We developed a method for measuring and analyzing realtime Indian road drive cycles which can be used on urban roads, state highways, national highways, and express highways, where vehicles have their most run. It is important to remember that each country has its own driving cycle because road conditions differ from one another.


Drive cycle, driving patterns, traffic density, GPS based system and powertrain simulations

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