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Accident Prevention Signal System on Hairpin Bend Road

Rushikesh Gopinath Gapat, Ritu Rakesh Dubey


In areas like Ghats and mountains where traveling conditions are not good and one of its reasons is hairpin bend roads, drivers have to take extra precautions while traveling through that type of roads and sometimes accidents may happen if the driver is not careful. In this study, we discussed how we can implement an accident prevention traffic control signal system on hairpin bend roads. We also mentioned what is hairpin bend road and why it is difficult and dangerous to travel through those types of roads, what are the IoT components and software used for making this system, and how the algorithms will work in the backend. We also added images of the prototype of the given system that we made, for a better understanding of the system.


Hairpin bend road, accident prevention, traffic control signal system, Arduino Uno, IoT components

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