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Healthcare Monitoring System using IoT and RSA Algorithm

Nikhila A. Khandarkar, Aditi S. Patil, Sumit V Dadas, Sujata Bhairnallykar, Sneha Ramesh Howale


There is a growing interest in developing solutions for the elderly living assistance in a world with an accelerated population aging. The Internet of Things is a new reality that transforms our everyday life completely and aims to revolutionize traditional healthcare by creating a more personalized, proactive, and collaborative model of treatment. In order to incorporate these two important topics, this work provides an IoT-ready system for elderly living care that is capable of tracking and documenting vital information for patients as well as providing mechanisms to activate alarms in emergency situations. The powerful low-power/low-cost and wireless features make this solution. Its effective low-power/low-cost and wireless features turn this solution into a discreet and comfortable wristband that is suitable for use anywhere and by anyone.This paper would support the real-time activity of the healthcare system for elderly citizens. The information collected by different sensors in real-time is stored in a local server which connects people, doctors, and practitioners at the time of emergency for the right information. The design and implementation of this system will hopefully improve the healthcare monitoring system of elderly people in the future.


Doctor, health care, IoT, patient, sensor

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