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Assistant for Safe Driving Using IOT

Omkar Bait, Rupesh Chaurasiya, Abhay Gupta, Sujata Bhairnallyka


Deadly road accidents can be reduced by understanding the psychological and mental state of drivers. Majority of road accident occurred during night driving due to drowsiness state of vehicle drivers. Safety driving assistant is an IOT based goggles which helps the user to drive safely.Whenever driver falls a sleep system detects it and then alerts him using creating unpleasant sound which can help the user to wake up. System is developed using aurdino and sensors and other devices. In this particular system we are using aurdino pro mini because of its very small in size and light weight and it can be easily integrated in our system. To detect the eye blinks IR sensor is used it is based on infrared rays. In order to alert the user alarm is used. All this is powered up using 9v battery.

Keywords: Safety, Driving, IOT, Aurdino pro mini, technology.

Cite this Article: Omkar Bait, Rupesh Chaurasiya, Abhay Gupta, Sujata Bhairnallyka. Assistant for Safe Driving Using IOT. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Embedded System & Applications. 2020; 8(2): 1–6p.

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