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Child Rescue System from Borewells Using Arduino

Swapnil Khanpate, Om Raut, Suraj Jambhale, Rajashree Gadhave


India is facing water crisis constantly. India grapples persistently with an ongoing water crisis. It holds the unfortunate distinction of being the largest global extractor of groundwater, a perilous trend that jeopardizes political, economic stability, and public health in the long term. Consequently, there has been a surge in borewell installations tapping into subsurface aquifers, often situated in human-populated areas, with some failing to yield adequate groundwater resources. The traditional approach to rescuing a child from such peril involves the intricate, protracted, and precarious process of excavating a parallel pit adjacent to the well. This method's inefficiencies and risks necessitate innovation. In recent times, there have been numerous incidents of abandoned borewells becoming death traps for innocent children and animals. The purpose of these borewells is to save lives, but unfortunately, they have turned into a source of tragedy. The conventional method of rescuing a child from a borewell involves digging a parallel pit next to the well, which is a complicated, lengthy, and risky process. To address these challenges, a simple and effective method of rescuing a trapped child from a borewell is proposed. This method involves using a system that can move inside the borewell channel and control its gripper arm according to user inputs.


Borewell, child rescue system, Arduino based control, dc motor, web cam

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