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Conservative PDES on Multicore Computer and Its Performance Analysis

Manzoor G. Ahmed, Shirish V. Pattalwar, V. M. Thakare


The computer development phase has entered into the era of multicore which provides the platform for the simulation community to exploit it for development of parallel simulators. Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (PDES) thus is the best simulation methodology used to analyze the systems in scientific and engineering domain. This paper describes the development of PDES which can run effectively on multicore computer with Windows OS directly. Through this research a parallel discrete event simulation based on multicore platform was implemented using the conservative synchronization algorithm on an Intel core i3 processor with up to 4 core, the effects of event granularity, process number, on the simulation performance were tested using physical model under different configurations and cases.

Keywords: parallel discrete event simulation (PDES), conservative synchronization, event granularity, process number

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